We're here to
when you don't want to.

For the times that you need a larger production team or for mission critical events, we're here for you. We've produced live events for everyone from small local events to large multinational corporations.

Why should you choose us?
Now that's a good question!

Here at Council Stream we have the backing of our parent company Vidius Productions
so our skills go far further than just meetings.

As many people as you need.

Whether you need a technical director, stream engineer, camera operators, or a full crew we can provide them all for you.

Our equipment is regularly maintained.

From PAT testing to full servicing we check all our equipment before it leaves our warehouse.

We create a custom solution for you.

We take time to understand your requirements and success criteria and create a solution to meet your goals.

We've got the experience.

We have produced everything from meetings to esports events. Every event we have produced grants us experiences that we apply to all our other work.

Professional staff.

We take pride in our work and all out staff are well versed in the live events world. We know how to deal with the stresses while keeping our cool.

We have pretty much everything.

For most of our clients needs we have everything in stock and ready to go. For anything else we have trusted suppliers that we can work with to provide what's needed.

We're waiting to help you.

We're ready to start working on your project,
all you have to do is get in touch!