Bring your meetings to the world.

From annual general meetings to music festivals, we can stream a whole lot more than you would think. Even better we've been producing livestreams for our clients since 2007.


We're the one stop shop for all your streaming and AV requirements.

Rather than worrying about switching suppliers for every item, you can bring us all your requirements. We have in-house capabilities for most of our clients' requests and have a group of trusted contractors for those we don't.

Single supplier for all needs.

We'll manage the project.

One set of finance paperwork.

Streamlined solutions by default.

Why should you bother streaming?
We're glad you asked!

Streaming your meetings and events to the web brings a whole host of benefits.

Reach a larger audience.

Whether you have limited space for attendees or want to reach people who can't attend.

Improve accessibility

With subtitling available for our recorded meetings and support for secondary signed or translated streams content is far more accessible.

Generate revenue

Sell virtual tickets to your event for either the livestreams, recordings or both!

Automated transcriptions

With our automated transcription system have transcripts available for editing shortly after a stream.

Share your event or meeting

As part of your communications strategy engage viewers with your brand.

Provide recordings

Give copies of the stream to attendees ready and waiting online for them to download and view whenever they like.

Ready to talk your ideas through?

We have lots of experience
producing meeting livestreams.

We've used that experience to develop and improve an easy to use system for streaming meetings with minimal resource.

Automated camera control

Just like magic, the cameras will get exactly the shot you're looking for.

Microphone integration

As meeting participants hit their talk button we log who spoke and cue the camera to show them.

Record as well as stream

Your meetings are important and we make sure there are multiple redundant recordings to cover most eventualities.

Continual improvement

We think our solution is pretty great already but we are always improving it. When we do we push software updates automatically for all our existing users.


Start your journey to live streaming.

We're ready to start working on your project,
all you have to do is get in touch!